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Our Story

Excitement and momentum are building as many of the 3D Community Church family joined together in this worthy effort.  In 2020, we paid off our amazing 15 acres on busy HWY 87 in Olivia, NC; which is exactly where the Lord told Pastor Charlie and Crystal to plant 3D Community Church 7 years ago. Then last year we received the generous donation of the steel structure for our church building from Grace Church in Southern Pines.  Since then, we have been doing all we can to move forward in this ever-changing economic environment to get our building erected.  

In May 2023, Pastor Charlie began laying the framework for the Capital Campaign called Project 658.  658 Graham Road is the address to our 15 acres. He felt the Lord told him that all the resources needed to build this building is within His people. Throughout the Bible, the Lord uses people to accomplish his plans.  On June 4, 2023, Pastor Charlie announced, in an attention getting way, that our church family Pledged over $300,000 over the next 3 years. This is exactly the confirmation he needed to move forward in calling the builder and telling them we are ready to begin!

We can’t thank our church family enough for their obedience and commitment to seeing our church built on our land and to be able to do EVEN more to build the kingdom of God!    


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